Taking A Look At South African Holidays And Tours

South African Holiday and tours will delight many tourists because it is one of the most ethnic diverse countries in the world and has much to offer when traveling in it. There is so much to see and do, from the amazing wild life to stunning sights and rich history. A coastline stretching a vast 2500 kilometres long makes going to the beach on a hot summer’s day just so more tempting. The population of over 50 million people are from so many different cultures that the country has eleven official languages, of which English and the Dutch derived Afrikaans are most common.

Kruger National ParkOne of the main South African Holiday attractions while visiting South Africa is the adventure of going on a safari in one of the many wild life reserves, parks or some private farms. A popular choice among tourists is The Kruger National Park with it’s amazing variety of wild life, plant and bird species and visitors can enjoy observing these amazing animals in their natural environment. Tourists need to take care when entering an area with malaria and therefor make sure that they are protected by getting counsel from a doctor or travel agent before the trip.

Shamwari Game Reserve is situated in the province of the Eastern Cape which is thankfully malaria free. This reserve provides luxury accommodation and much to see when it comes to wild life and bird watching and they even provide programs for children. In many cases the cost of food, drinks and children’s programs are included into the total safari prices so just look into that when making the booking.

Award winning wines are produced in the Garden Route of South Africa and this area is a favorite of holiday makers from all over. It also boasts spectacular animal and plant life, abundant beaches, rivers and lakes. Restaurants, cafe’s and other establishments have a succulent variety of foods to enjoy like locally harvested oysters, seafood and fresh produce.

Table Mountain in Cape Town is a renowned old time favorite among local and international visitors. The breathtaking vista of a massive mountain as flat as a table surrounded by clear blue skies and white clouds, is a panorama that can stick with one forever. Tourists have the option of walking or making use of a cable car to reach the top of the mountain where they will behold the stunning views while enjoying a meal at the restaurant and bar.

Planning an overseas trip can be daunting and it can be worth the expense of using an experienced travel company to book your travel with. Not only do they know how to supply in the physical needs of the client, but they are also better acquainted with the details concerning travel documents and what a tourist will need. They will also notify a tourist if there is a need for them to have any special immunizations or treatments before arrival like in the case of malaria.

A tourist should do some research before their travel to any country especially in relation to keeping safe, driving regulations and emergency contact numbers. Most of these details will be supplied though when a client is enlisting the services of a trusted travel company. There is no doubt that South African holidays and tours will offer tourists an experience they will remember for years to come and possibly even inspire them to return.