Get More About Atlanta through These Resources

Downtown Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta is one of the well-known and highly acclaimed cities in the United States. It is much acclaimed for its wonderful people, world class airports, trend-setting restaurants, bars and cafes, a number of luxury hotels, plus a history of interracial relationship and these are the factors that made Atlanta the main center of the 1996 Summer Olympics. Since then, Atlanta started to win best city accolades and drawn almost 17 million people from around the globe annually. Atlanta is in fact now known as one of the hottest destinations on earth.

After saying all this, I know that what I have mentioned above is not enough for you to fully know what really makes Atlanta a place worthy a visit. So, if you want to know more about the city, you can access Atlanta through these resources:

Access Atlanta

Access Atlanta is in the first place a free tabloid-sized entertainment paper of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the largest newspaper in the Southeast. You can access Atlanta information here as it provides local weather updates, news headlines, classifieds, and restaurant reviews among many other services.

Georgia Business Directory

If you are looking for a particular resource that covers detailed information on small businesses in Atlanta, then the Georgia Business Directory is perfect option to consider. This online directory provides information on web site services, software, association, and real estate in the city of Atlanta.

New Georgia Encyclopedia

New Georgia Encyclopedia has long been considered as an all-electronic encyclopedia of Atlanta’s history and is the first of its kind in the country. Still a work in progress, this resource allows you to access Atlanta as it holds a wealth of helpful information for students, journalists, researchers, and anybody who shares interest in the history of Atlanta and the state of Georgia.

Metro Voices, Metro Choices

Access Atlanta through Metro Voices, Metro Choices, a community-based initiative that addresses social issues concerning the metro Atlanta. It was also designed to unite community leaders with ordinary residents so to develop a positive adjustment in their own neighborhoods.