Asia Budget Travel is Easy


Budget travel in Asia is easier than travel in any other continent, comprising of countries that are fast developing while still holding onto their cultural heritage. If you are happy to eat what the locals eat and travel like a local then budget travel in Asia will be no problem for you. You will also be able to see a lot more of the country and experience daily life as the locals do as a budget traveler. Asia is probably an ideal place to backpack as there are many destinations within the continent that offer creature comforts when you are sick of roughing it.

Unusual Travel

The best way to budget travel in Asia is to find the most common mode of transportation and take it. Not only will it get you farther for less but the journey is often an experience in itself. An example of taking the route less traveled would be to take a boat ride through Bangladesh, it is a slower mode of transport but you will see a side of the country that land travel will not offer. Be prepared to put up with long uncomfortable bus journeys if you really need to stretch your budget and opt for local bus and train services.

Street Food

Street food is largely available in almost every Asian country and is a big plus of budget travel in Asia. You can get to sample all sorts of local delicacies for very good prices. You have to be a little vigilant in some countries more than others about food poisoning. For example India and other parts of South Asia are notorious for food poisoning from street food. However places like Malaysia, Thailand and most of Indochina are safe in terms of street food. It is however a good idea to stick to bottled water at all times no matter where you are.


Budget travel in Asia varies from country to country. Some places like Bangladesh which are not geared towards tourists do not have a conspicuous absence of nice rooms. Availability of decent rooms depends on your definition of decent and what you are willing to pay for. Rates often start very low with the sky’s the limit for luxury pads, finding somewhere in between is usually not that difficult. Look on travel forums and other websites to see where other people have stayed. Remember that if you are traveling in some Muslim countries that it might be better for couples to say they are married when staying together.