Car Rental in Puerto Rico

Driving in Puerto Rico

Car rental in Puerto Rico is big business. Being a popular tourist attraction, some of the car companies are sold out well in advance so it definitely pays to do your homework and book early.

With that said, there are certain times of the year when car rental is a little more quiet, and you can get away with a last minute or even an on the spot booking.

Some of the more popular car rental places in Puerto Rico are Dorado Car Rental in Dorado, Pier Car Rental in San Juan and of course the large multi-national car rental companies such as Avis and Hertz which are also found in San Juan.

The prices are generally quite competitive between companies and depend on your vehicle choice, there may only be a few dollars difference between different car rental providers.

Car rental in Puerto RicoDriving around Puerto Rico with your rental car is the best way to see the sights. You really can not access some of the best parts of Puerto Rico without a car, so car rental should be high on your list of priorities!

Puerto Rico roads consist of expressways, highways and freeways. The road signs are in Spanish, but are generally the same as US road signs albeit in a different language. You should be able to figure out the majority of road signs by the symbols and shapes.

Car rental in Puerto Rico can get costly if you are caught speeding. Fines start at $50; however some car rental companies impose their own fees on top of the fine. Police cars stand out as they have a blue light bar on them which is always illuminated.

Puerto Rico is not free of tolls roads; there are three of them in total. The toll roads are actually tourist roads and are indicated by brown signs.

Your rental car company will be able to advise you if your route will consist of a toll road. Rental cars generally do not contain a toll pass, so you will need to have cash handy. The price for a car to ride the toll road ranges from 70 cents up to $1.50.

Car rental in Puerto Rico will make your vacation a memorable one, so ensure you rent a car whilst you are planning your trip so that you can access the very best locations in Puerto Rico.