Caribbean Vacation Travel

caribbean vacation

Before you begin planning your Caribbean vacation travel, there is an important decision you have to make:

  • Do you organize your Caribbean vacation travel yourself?
  • Or do you go ‘flight inclusive’ and hand the legwork over to a more experienced tour operator?

Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages to each option.

caribbean vacationCaribbean Tour Operators
A flight inclusive Caribbean vacation is a holiday booked direct with a tour operator. One obvious advantage of this option is that it is often simpler. You just need to pick up a brochure and select the flight you want.

Another advantage in choosing a flight inclusive Caribbean vacation over independent travel is that it is generally cheaper. Specialists in Caribbean travel are generally pretty good (maybe even better than you) at putting together a tailor made “package” that best suits your needs. The package they put together can contain all the elements of your Caribbean vacation travel from hotels and flights to transfers and a local representative. And most are bargains, offered at special rates with plenty of features. The only trouble with these Caribbean vacation travel packages is that they would have to be made early as they could easily get full.

What’s more, with a flight inclusive Caribbean vacation travel, there is more security for you. Most tour operators make themselves legally bound to take care of you from the moment of departure until your return home. Some are even bonded for your financial security. And finally, in the event of a natural disaster, failure of an airline or a dispute with one of your holiday providers, you will only have to deal with just one organization. So everything is being made so much simpler for you.

Independent Caribbean Travel Planning
On the other hand, there are good reasons why you would want to go on a Caribbean vacation on your own. When planning an independent Caribbean vacation, you have lots of freedom to choose your own trip and even change it as you please.

It is easy for anyone to book their own Caribbean vacation travel. All you really need is a computer and an Internet connection to access any number of travel booking sites. Most importantly, some of the loveliest Caribbean hotels are too small to feature in brochures so you will have to book them independently.

One thing is for sure, you have a far better chance of enjoying every aspect of the islands by going on an independent Caribbean vacation travel.

In addition, you may want to use your Air Miles when you travel. Flight inclusive Caribbean vacation travel packages often do not give credit for air miles so at a time when you can actually make use of your miles, you can’t. Whereas, if you travel independently, there is no reason why you can’t use your air miles.

Caribbean Travel Forums
Do you need information about the Caribbean travel fast? Want firsthand knowledge about the places to visit and places to stay? What about fun things to do while in the Caribbean? Safety tips? Weather tips? Diving tips?

If you find yourself asking these questions as you plan your next Caribbean trip, then you might want to check out some Caribbean travel forums. When it comes to valuable information from travelers like you, nothing beats Caribbean travel forums.
Caribbean-On-Line’s Caribbean travel forum has been revamped, giving it a new look and easy to navigate. Now, you can view discussions about almost all fifty of the Caribbean islands, with topics ranging from boat rentals to phone calls, how to get to places, and festivals. The focus is on the traveler, so whatever question you may have about the Caribbean island you wish to visit, this is Caribbean travel forum to check out.

Fodor’s Travel Talk Forums

Fodor’s contains several travel talk forums of several different tourist destinations. Select Caribbean and ask your questions about the islands.

At, you get not only a tremendous amount of information about the places you want to visit but a Caribbean travel forum to aid if you any other questions you don’t have the answer to. For flight questions, you can ask about dates, flexibility, choice of departure airports, destinations, and a whole lot more. For accommodation, ask about the number of people allowed, board type, rating, and flexibility. And lastly, for any other details, you can ask the advice of this Caribbean travel forum’s unofficial trip advisor.