Folkestone Marine Reserve – Barbados

Folkestone Marine Park

Located in north Holetown is where the first European colonists to Barbados landed in 1627.  Located there now is the Folkestone Marine Park where an artificial reef was formed in 1976 by deliberately sinking a fire-gutted 109-meter freighter ship, the Stavronikita.

snorkelingExperienced divers can descend to the ship covered with corals on its masts and fish swimming through its hull.  Snorkelers can take the underwater trail around the inshore reef found in the park’s Recreational Zone, about half a kilometer offshore.

Take a stroll along the Barbados west coast boardwalk and enjoy the beautiful beaches and fun watersports.  Boats are available for rent in Holetown, and you’ll also find a reef interpretation center and museum of marine life here.