Traveling to San Francisco, California

San Francisco

Ever since gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill in 1848, visitors from all over the world have flocked to San Francisco. Today, it’s still possible to find gold in the “City on the Bay” in its numerous restaurants, beautiful neighborhoods, and world-class cultural attractions. From the days of the gold rush to the advent of the Internet boom, San Francisco […]

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La Jolla Cove

The Cove of La Jolla sits below the Ellen Browing Scripps Park in downtown La Jolla. The sandy portion of the beach is quite small, with plenty of rocky cliffs. During high tide, the surrounding rocks will trap the water that stays behind as mini tidepools when the tide goes out, giving both children and adults something to peer into. […]

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Fun Museums for the Child in all of Us

If you are bringing young ones on your visit to San Francisco, you’ve probably wracked your brain trying to find activities and events that will not only be fun for them but also provide much needed mental stimuli as well. Well, look no further. I have several museums that are guaranteed to be completely kid friendly and fun for the […]

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Make your next vacation an Orlando Vacation!


Orlando is famous for being the theme park capital of America, a title that is well-deserved. Orlando and the surrounding areas have major international parks, smaller attractions, and an incredible family-entertainment orientation. Orlando is the place every kid dreams of visiting, and it has something for everyone in the family to enjoy. “Zippy Doo Dah, Zippy Ay, My Oh My […]

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Get More About Atlanta through These Resources

Downtown Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta is one of the well-known and highly acclaimed cities in the United States. It is much acclaimed for its wonderful people, world class airports, trend-setting restaurants, bars and cafes, a number of luxury hotels, plus a history of interracial relationship and these are the factors that made Atlanta the main center of the 1996 Summer Olympics. Since then, Atlanta […]

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Aspen Colorado Golf


Aspen Colorado is not only known for its fantastic ski slopes and cozy mountain cabins. It is also known for its wonderful golf courses whether they’re the popular kind, like the Aspen Colorado golf courses proliferating in the Roaring Fork Valley or those wide expanses of green in the Colorado Rockies where the average Joe Duffer can swing a wood […]

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