Puerto Rico Casinos

The commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a territory of the United States, is a popular vacation destination for people all over the world, and Puerto Rico casinos fit in well with the whole exciting and glamorous image. Visitors to Puerto Rico give a high rating to its hotel casinos, and consistently call them some of the most exciting gaming places to […]

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Stay In A Parador When Visiting Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Next time you are visiting the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, instead of just concentrating your trip around the metro area and it’s surrounding historical places, take a trip around Puerto Rico’s country side and discover it’s beauty and culture. You can start by staying at a Parador. A Parador in Puerto Rico is a small country inn participating in […]

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Caneel Bay

Caneel Bay Virgin Islands

Caneel Bay of the Caribbean offers what every beach vacation should – beautiful surroundings, luxury service, and gourmet dining. This exclusive beach resort is nestled within the 5,000 acre Virgin Islands National Park on the island of St. John in the Virgin Islands. Ideal for beach lovers, Caneel Bay offers seven secluded beaches – Honeymoon Beach, Caneel Beach, Little Caneel […]

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Caribbean Island Travel

Some call it “paradise.” Others call it “heaven on earth.” Well, one thing is for sure, a Caribbean island travel is exactly what you need if you’re looking for beaches, boats, banks, bikinis, and other tropical vacation essentials. The Caribbean is not just the No. 1 playground for the Americas, but also comprises movie-set beauty, coconut tree-clad mountains, verdant valleys […]

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Caribbean Vacation Travel

caribbean vacation

Before you begin planning your Caribbean vacation travel, there is an important decision you have to make: Do you organize your Caribbean vacation travel yourself? Or do you go ‘flight inclusive’ and hand the legwork over to a more experienced tour operator? Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages to each option. Caribbean Tour Operators A flight inclusive Caribbean vacation is […]

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Puerto Rican Cuisine

The foods you find in Puerto Rico have become a unique blend of traditional recipes from the several distinct cultures of those who have come to the island over the centuries. There is a heavy blending of the Spanish and Mexican cuisine influencing the overall taste. These have been modified with twists from the Africans who came unwillingly to these […]

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Car Rental in Puerto Rico

Driving in Puerto Rico

Car rental in Puerto Rico is big business. Being a popular tourist attraction, some of the car companies are sold out well in advance so it definitely pays to do your homework and book early. With that said, there are certain times of the year when car rental is a little more quiet, and you can get away with a […]

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Resorts in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Resort

Puerto Rico resorts are often spectacular, tropical paradises. They are an ideal place to stay while you are in Puerto Rico – if you can afford it. Resorts don’t come cheap at the best of times but with that said, they are well worth the cost and you may even pick up a bargain if you are lucky enough. Puerto […]

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