Travel to Egypt


Egypt! The very name is suggestive of romance, adventure and a wonderful sense of history, isn’t it? No wonder it is called the ‘Land of the Pharaohs’. This is one country on the international travel arena that has beckoned travelers with a haunting urgency. So many tales have been woven around Egypt that it has acquired a mystical aura which seems pretty much unparalleled. You see, this is one of the destinations in the world that no one should ever miss.

For those of you who are of the opinion that this country should not be included in their international travel plans as it is meant only for the historically inclined, there is a big surprise in store for you. This is far from the case.

Egypt will surprise you with it’s multi-faceted tourist attractions, both contemporary and traditional. This international travel spot boasts of beautiful beaches and Mediterranean resorts, especially around Alexandria and the immediate City which extends to Marsa Matruh to the west on the coast. Cairo is the point where people generally enter Egypt and it satisfies their wildest desires with its restaurants, entertainment centers, and interesting monuments. You can even indulge yourself with a game of golf or try your luck at the bowling alley. If this is not enough, go for a birding tour or a nature trek on the Sinai. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Nile RiverIf a soft and romantic surrounding appeals to you, then don’t forget a cruise on the legendary Nile river. It is one of the major attractions of this place. You can combine an essentially soulful experience with some adolescent fun by having a whale of a time fishing. You, of course, won’t get to catch whales, but the Nile will certainly satiate your fishing ambitions with its abundance. Fishing while on an international travel excursion is an experience.

If history and religion have wound their silken fetters around you, you will love the visit to the Giza Pyramid and the Saqqara(Step Pyramid) along with the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. Various Islamic and Christian religious monuments will be a further attraction.

A combination of all of these give Egypt an ethereal feel. International traveling and Egypt can be thought of in the same breath, in other words.

If you want your vacation to be an utopian one and have a perfectly hassle-free time, do check up on the weather and other conditions in Egypt. A medical insurance would be advisable. This international travel spot is not susceptible to any particular diseases, as is often per-conceived by Western countries, but there is no harm in being careful while traveling, is there?