Visit Wichita Kansas this Summer

Wichita, the largest city in the state, has the state’s largest buildings, biggest industries, and most venturesome businesses. It is also the largest metropolitan area in the state with nearly one-fifth of the state’s population. It is located on the banks of the Arkansas River and was founded in 1864 as a trading post on the site of a village […]

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Caribbean Vacation Travel

caribbean vacation

Before you begin planning your Caribbean vacation travel, there is an important decision you have to make: Do you organize your Caribbean vacation travel yourself? Or do you go ‘flight inclusive’ and hand the legwork over to a more experienced tour operator? Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages to each option. Caribbean Tour Operators A flight inclusive Caribbean vacation is […]

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Reno, Nevada

The Biggest Little City in the World! A world-class tourist destination with a rich arts scene and year-round outdoor activities and located a mere 45 minutes away from Lake Tahoe and some of the country’s best ski resorts. The name Reno suggests celebrity performances, casino gaming, and 24 hour entertainment. High wire artists entertain nightly as do the country’s top […]

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